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12 September 2010 @ 12:27 am
Even like after a week. I'm still depressed that Aiba removed the ear ring.

Crazy much?
Mood: depresseddepressed
09 February 2010 @ 05:36 pm

When the school has high standards on our batch, it's really high. ACP will be starting at term 2 for this year instead of the usual "after mid-years". In a way, I think it's good because you get to clear more doubts, but still, ACP is gonna take up most of your free time away. Eg. After afternoon lessons, 3.30pm. 3.30pm-4.30pm, ACP for 1 subject. 4.30pm-5.30pm, ACP for another subject. Of course, I'm in ACP for F&N already -________-

Really thinking of dropping either F&N or Music. Probably music because even if I studied, I only manage to get a C5. Whereas F&N, I improved from a C6 to a B4. I don't know. I just hope F&N won't be counted as my subject for Olevel. Gotta buck up on my Chinese! It seriously has deproved -.- A2A2A2A2A2A2A2! As for Amath, I want an A1! :D:D I rock more in Amath than Emath -_____-

And Raj has been encouraging me to drop F&N. When Jiayan told him my mother doesn't allow, he said "Give me your mother's number, I call her and tell her" LOL! I love it during Math. I laugh the most there :D And Wilfred keeps telling me "join the droppies!" Hahaha. Apparently, many people has been dropping their electives, depending on where their strengths are at. :\

24 December 2009 @ 09:44 pm

Had a visit to the dentist today because my mum wanted a clean-up on my teeth (they're absolutely dirty from the dentist's POV) and ask if it's okay for me to put braces.


1. I have 2 missing teeth on the lower. ie. gaps between the 1st and the 3rd.
2. Due to the missing teeth, the 3rd teeth moved forward to fill it.
3. Because the 3rd teeth moved forward, my lower jaw bones pushed back.
4. If I were to put braces, although the teeth will be OMG STRAIGHT, there will still be gaps between the lower and bottom. = not nice
5. If I want to put, I must bring the 3rd teeth forward to close the gap (he ranted about surgical operations and what nots)
6. Since my upper 4 front teeths are OMG DIRTY, if I were to put braces, the dirt might either become better, or worser.
7. I must pluck out 2 teeth ):

Thereeeeeeee, it's all summarised out. OHOHOH, the dentist at first said that I have a full set of teeth which is totally mind boggling because each time there is a check in school, ALL THE DENTISTS tells me "You have 2 missing teeth". Then when he was going to clean up the dirt he was like "Really got missing teeth. Call the mother" -___________- Of all things, missing teeth ):

Music: Konseki // Ninomiya Kazunari
20 December 2009 @ 09:15 pm
Did I ever mention that I love 20% discounts in Kino. They make all my buys so cheap XD

My Girl fanbook cost $45 bucks in Singapore. And slightly less than $30 in Japan. Thank goodness there was 20% discount. It made the fanbook cost $36 bucks.

Going to the park with Gina tomorrow! I'm seriously affected by Masamune in My Girl! I wanna take pictures of old couples walking down path ways. HAHA. I was even ready to go to the park at some heavenly timing to take pictures of senior citizens doing taichi. XD. I know, I'm weird.

Ever sincescreamyheart  showed me the side profile of Aiba's mama, I smile when ever I see it. .__________. Now I want to see how his brother look like. Lolololololololololol. Sometimes I wish the pictures in Google maps can move. LOL.

It's time I change the layout =/

Music: Part of your world // Hayami Yuu
19 December 2009 @ 11:15 pm
We started on Upp Int today (actually it's me. The others started last week)

I was.. shocked to see the amount of people taking it. It multiplied from 8 to 13 people. And yet, I'm still the youngest of all. No wonder Tsuchiya-sensei was like so shocked that I'm gonna continue.

Upp Int. is killing me. Tests this time round will be Writing, Listening and Presentation, which has to be 3min long. Like, what? I'm not good with crowds or anything ): Sensei encourages us to buy a Japanese-Japanese dictionary which I have no use for, because I still won't understand the meaning.

And the kanji's are getting tougher as well ): There's composition for homework (major die). Something to do with what color you like and give reasons as to why you like it. Gosh. "I like green because it's linked to my favourite member in Arashi" One-liner, CMI.
23 October 2009 @ 03:42 pm

A long time since I posted :D~

Might be going Tokyo during the December holidays, for about three days! Lol. Kinda short, but I'm hoping to catch some VS Arashi if it airs on Saturday or something.

So, anyone got good places to sight see and such? T.T The only place I thought of going is Tokyo Tower.

Mood: confusedconfused
20 June 2009 @ 01:39 am

..I'm thinking that there is a possibility of more JDramas showing in Singapore!!!!!!!! *YATTA*

Since they already made those start-up adverts before the starting of a drama. (Eg. Before KDramas: K-Wave. Before JDrama: J-rocks) So I doubt they would just use that one advert for just ONE drama right!? Plus at the rate of Mediacorp showing Zettai Kareshi, 2 episodes per night, Zettai Kareshi is bound to finish by 5-6 weeks. Hahaha. Forgive me if I'm just keeping my hopes up.

Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Music: 旅立ちの翼 HIP HOP version // 森田 剛 & 三宅 健
16 June 2009 @ 11:47 pm
It's his birthday today! (JP time)

My mind was practically slowing down when I suddenly forgot his birthday. He doesn't LOOK 26 at all. Maybe physically wise he can't dance like 10 years ago,  but his facial features and his mind is like an average adolescent. 

Many thanks to Liting who reminded me his age is 26! Or else I would be deluded into the fact that he's 24 or something.

I think I need to keep track of their age.
11 June 2009 @ 01:38 am
I think I am really enjoying my Japanese classes! Even if it's 3hour long and the whole class is filled with Poly students, Uni students, office people and a married lady.

-Last Saturday, our vocab for the lesson included Chopin ショパン *not very sure how to write it in Katagana*
-So someone in class mentioned Chopin's Chinese name which is Siao Bang.
-I think sensei didn't hear it clearly and heard Siao Pan.
-So she went "Small bread?"
-She wrote her version of Chopin, which is 小 パン

Also, sensei seems to realise I'm an Arashi fan. We were talking about singing at home and she said to me "Of course you would sing right! Arashi songs." (:

I don't think anyone in my class knows Arashi except about one or two? But I do know this guy actually knows how to spell KAT-TUN, which I think is quite a feat because when I first heard of KAT-TUN, I thought it was spelled as Cartoon ^^;
09 June 2009 @ 03:23 pm
I have somethings for sale because I'm in need of money, to buy other stuff ^^;
selling post..Collapse )